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Brown Line Fact: Ridership on the CTA Brown Line has increase approximately 83% since 1979.
Belmont station heading
Belmont Station
945-49 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Station Status:
brown line alert

New Elevators Open at Belmont Station
Elevators Improve Accessibility

The newly installed elevators at CTA's Belmont station are now available for customers' use, as of Tuesday, December 29.

The elevators at Fullerton station will begin operation on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

With the elevators at Belmont and Fullerton, a total of 91 out of the 144 CTA rail stations are accessible to customers with disabilities.  All CTA buses and trains are accessible.

The elevators at Belmont and Fullerton were installed as part of the CTA’s larger $530 million Brown Line capacity expansion project, which is designed to increase capacity and accessibility and bring 18 stations along the line to a state of good repair.

Belmont and Fullerton are the last of 18 stations renovated through the project.  The two stations have remained open during construction and they are scheduled to be fully complete by the end of 2009.

Renovations at the Brown Line Belmont and Fullerton stations include brighter lighting, tactile edging, Braille signs and wheelchair accessible turnstiles, an upgraded public address system and expanded platforms.


Belmont Station Entrance

Although construction of the Belmont station continues, on Saturday evening, August 29, CTA customers entering and exiting the Belmont station began using the new permanent station entrance located approximately 75 feet west of the previous temporary entrance.

The temporary entrance was opened in December 2006 to allow crews to relocate the historic stationhouse to the north side of Belmont Avenue and build the new station in its place.

Construction work associated with the Brown Line capacity expansion project will continue at Belmont and in the new stationhouse until later this year. When completed, the Belmont station will be fully accessible to customers with disabilities.


belmont station looking south (Sept. 2007)
Belmont station looking south.
(Sept. 2007)

Click image to view larger Belmont station construction photo.

The Belmont station remains open during Brown Line construction to increase capacity on the Brown Line and to provide accessibility for everyone.

New Southbound Track and Platform at Belmont Brown Line Station

CTA put a section of the new southbound platform and track at the Belmont Brown Line station into service on Friday, July 11, 2008.

All southbound trains (Brown Line, Purple Line Express and Red Line) will now use the new southbound track. All southbound riders will board and exit trains on the Red Line side of the platform until three-track operation is completed at the end of the year.

Northbound train boarding is not affected. Three-track operation will continue at this station. Please allow extra travel time.

Southbound Brown, Red and Purple Express trains have been limited to one southbound track at Belmont and Fullerton since March 30 while the platforms are being rebuilt and tracks reconfigured to allow room for the installation of elevators at both stations.

CTA to Accelerate Three-Track Work

Escalators Added to Fullerton and
Belmont Renovations

The construction work to realign the tracks at the Belmont and Fullerton Brown Line stations will be accelerated, allowing the CTA to restore the southbound track to service by the end of 2008, six months earlier than previously announced.

Southbound Brown, Red and Purple Express trains have been limited to one southbound track at Belmont and Fullerton since March 30 while the platforms are being rebuilt and tracks reconfigured to allow room for the installation of elevators at both stations. As a result of three-track operation, CTA has supplemented bus service near the stations and added personnel and signage in an effort to assist affected customers.

In addition, the CTA announced that it will add escalators to the Belmont and Fullerton stations. The original plans provided space for future installation of escalators but because the project remains within its budget and on schedule the CTA has determined that there are sufficient funds to install two escalators at each station. The escalator installation is scheduled to be completed by December 2009.

Read press release.


Red, Brown & Purple Express Trains
Share One Track

Eight-Car Trains Operate on Brown Line
During Rush Periods

The next phase of three-track operation at the Belmont and Fullerton stations has started.

Effective March 30, 2008, southbound trains are limited to one track at the Belmont and Fullerton stations due to construction for the Brown Line capacity expansion project.  To help ease the impact, the CTA is operating eight-car trains on the Brown Line during morning and evening rush hours.  The introduction of eight-car service has occurred nearly 18 months earlier than originally planned.

Read more about three-track operation.


New Northbound Track and Platform
at Belmont Station Placed into Service
on August 9

Crews placed the newly constructed northbound platform and tracks into service at the Belmont Brown/Red/Purple Express station on Thursday, August 9. The new platform and tracks are located east of the current platform and tracks. Customers will board northbound Red, Brown and Purple Line Express trains on the east side of the new northbound platform.

new threetrack belmont map -small

Brown Line, Purple Line Express and Red Line trains share new northbound track at Belmont.

Belmont Station Entrance Temporarily Relocated

On Sunday, December 17, 2006 at 4 p.m., the Chicago Transit Authority temporarily relocated the entrance to the Belmont station on the Red, Brown and Purple lines. The new temporary entrance is approximately 75 feet to the east of the existing entrance. The customer assistant booth, turnstiles and farecard vending machines have moved to the new temporary entrance as well. Customers will continue to use the existing stairways to the elevated platforms to access Purple Line Express and Red and Brown Line trains. The temporary entrance is expected to be in place while CTA continues work to rebuild the Belmont station and extend platforms.

CTA’s #77 Belmont bus, which provides direct service to the Belmont station, will not be affected. (read more)

The Renovated Belmont Station
Renovated Belmont station platform.

Click image for street level rendering illustrating renovated Belmont station.
The renovated Belmont station will benefit all Brown Line customers with:
Accessibility for everyone
Elevators and accessible turnstiles meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.
Modern and convenient features
Escalators and wider stairways to improve platform access, more turnstiles to ease congestion and additional exits/entrances to improve the flow of customer traffic.
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